Suppliers of components


GAZ Group aims for long-term cooperation with its suppliers and believes that this is the cornerstone for a successful business.

The expectations that GAZ Group companies set for their suppliers include fair price quotes, timely delivery and compliance of products and services with the highest quality, safety and environmental requirements.


Requirements for suppliers of components are developed by the GAZ Group's service for developing and ensuring the quality of supplies.

Evaluation of suppliers' processes is applied to external suppliers of single piece materials, blanks, semi-finished products and component parts (hereinafter referred to as items) planned for use in the production of new main products of GAZ Group enterprises. Suppliers that have previously undergone process evaluation and received "yellow" or "red" levels undergo a reassessment of the processes following the decision of the SQA services of GAZ Group enterprises after the implementation of the corrective action plan based on the results of the primary evaluation.