GAZ Group has developed a mobile medical clinic GAZelle Next

GAZ Group unveils a new project - a mobile medical clinic based on GAZelle Next minibus. The vehicle is demonstrated at the XI All-Russian Forum “Health of the nation is the basis of prosperity of Russia” organized by the all-Russian non-governmental organization National Health League, the Russian Ministry of Health with the support of the Government of Moscow. The Forum takes place from 19 till 21 April at the exhibition complex Gostiniy Dvor.

photo GAZ Group has unveiled a mobile medical clinic based on GAZelle Next minibus as part of the Forum “Health of the nation is the basis of prosperity of Russia”. The vehicle is designed for outreach medical examinations, diagnostics, health assessments and providing urgent medical care. The mobile clinic consists of two independent modules that can be outfitted with a necessary set of medical equipment and life-support systems. In fact, these are two full-fledged medical offices, where different doctors can work properly in a comfortable environment.

The base version of the mobile clinic represents two medical offices with a floorspace up to 8 sq. m, each accommodating an examination couch, a doctor’s desk, as well as a set of cabinets and mobile drawer unit with fasteners for various equipment. The offices have separate entrances and are provided with isolated bathrooms.

The modules located in the minibus and trailer can accommodate functional diagnostics, dental, ophthalmology, cardiology, children and women's health offices, mobile fluorography and x-ray offices, various types of labs, a mobile donor station, a urology office and more.

One possible examples of vehicle uses is the fluorography office. In this case, one module can accommodate the fluorography office (a digital fluorography machine, x-ray protection, a sterilization lamp) and the other - the radiologist office (a doctor’s workstation with a set of necessary equipment, a computer and a printer).

The distinctive features of the GAZelle Next minibus, on which the mobile medical clinic is based, include a spacious cab with good visibility, an adequate steering feedback, an ergonomic driver's seat with 5-way adjustment capability. An independent front suspension and a reinforced rear suspension with an anti-roll bar provide a very smooth ride. The cruise control and ABS system are offered as standard in the base trim level. A powerful diesel engine (149 HP) and an upgraded gearbox provide excellent traction and dynamic performance.

GAZ Group also presented class B and C ambulances based on a GAZelle Next minibus. The configuration of these vehicles provides maximum convenience of personnel when transporting patients and preparing for care. The walls and ceiling of the interior compartment are lined with white smooth plastic, which can be easily cleaned, does not absorb odors and is resistant to pharmaceuticals and cleaning and disinfecting agents. Special movable panels provide flexible opportunities for fixing medical equipment. Air conditioning and an extra heater allow maintaining comfortable temperature in all seasons. Vehicles are equipped with LED lighting fixtures and two outdoor lighting modules, 12 and 220 V electrical sockets, medical gas piping, swivel seats with three-point seat belts, a sink with an electric pump for water supply, as well as lots of cabinets and fasteners for medical equipment.